Rotating Hydraulic Autopsy Table

Pedestal style table that incorporates a rotating and optional elevating mechanism within the pedestal.  The downdraft ventilation system is a standard feature which helps ventilate the body during an autopsy.

Non – Elevating: CE300

Elevating: CE310

What is Rotating Hydraulic Autopsy Table?

A rotating hydraulic autopsy table is an advanced and specialized piece of equipment used in forensic pathology for conducting post-mortem examinations. This type of autopsy table combines the benefits of hydraulic height adjustment with the additional feature of rotation. The rotating capability allows forensic professionals to easily reposition the cadaver during examinations without having to physically move or lift it.

Key Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 100″ L x 30″ W x 37″ H
  • Elevating model height: 32″ to 40″
  • Material:  All stainless steel construction. 14 gauge table top, sink and grid plates.
    11 gauge pedestal.
    All type 304 stainless steel with #4 finish.
  • Rotation: 180 degrees of total table rotation.
  • Ventilation: Down draft ventilation (down draft dual cone system)
  • Large sink integral to table top
  • Hydro aspirators: Designed with reversing flow valve. Includes hose hanger and 8′ clear PVC tubing. Cold water control valve with vacuum brake swing spout.
  • Faucet: Single lever hot/cold water fixture with swing spout and vacuum breaker.
  • Grid Plates: (4) Interchangeable removable grid plates, stainless steel construction with 1/2″ recess and 3/8″ diameter holes on 2″ square center.
  • Electricals: (2) GFCI duplex outlet with waterproof cover.
  • Hand spray rinse: Heavy-duty brass chrome plated handpiece. Durable 8′ long flexible hose. Handpiece with hose drop in deck. Concealed pressure control/shut off.
  • Access panel
  • Weight capacity: 750 pounds
  • All plumbing and electrical work accomplished at the factory. Only trade hook up required.
  • Elevating Model has up/down elevating pedestal control